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2007 – 40th Anniversary year – time for a modern law

40 years after the Abortion Act, it’s time women made their own abortion decisions Abortion Rights would like to thank all our members and supporters for their campaigning and financial support over the past year and send our very best wishes for a happy New Year. Last year saw a concerted attempt by the anti-choice lobby to win backing for restrictions in women’s crucial abortion rights – particularly later abortion. From relentless sensationalist media stories, to anti-choice Bills in the House of Commons, your help allowed us to play an influential role in defeating anti-choice attacks and re-focussing the agenda onto women’s needs.

2007 is the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act. This year, Abortion Rights will be at the forefront of celebrating the immeasurable social, economic and personal advances that legislation has allowed women, and the end to often lethal back street abortions in Britain.

We will also be leading a high profile campaign to end the outdated restrictions enshrined into the 1967 legislation. We will be pushing for a law fit for the 21st Century where women can make their own abortion decisions without unfair and cruel obstruction.

Your contribution this year will be vital. To get involved please subscribe to regular updates and action alerts here on the front page of the website and make a new year’s pledge – join Abortion Rights today. Individual membership costs from just £5 a year and makes a real difference to building a pro-choice movement capable of bringing women’s rights into line with overwhelming public opinion.

Join us this year in the fight for the rights that women deserve.
Best wishes,
Anne Quesney
Director, Abortion Rights