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40 Days of Treats

ImageIn response to the anti-abortion “40 Days for Life” campaign, which organises protests outside abortion clinics, an anonymous Londoner has started a counter-campaign called 40 Days of Treats.

The idea behind 40 Days of Treats is to show support for the staff of Bpas, whose offices in London and Birmingham are currently being targeted by the 40 Days for Life protesters.

As the 40 Days of Treats website explains: “A counter protest for 40 days doesn’t seem right – why draw attention to them? Instead, let’s do something for the people who are probably most affected and could use the boost.

“Let’s give the nice people at BPAS 40 days of treats. 

“I know, I know, economic climate, yadda yadda yadda but if you are Pro Choice, why not use some of your shiny pounds so that we can show our appreciation to these organizations.”

We at Abortion Rights think 40 Days of Treats is a fantastic idea, and a great way of showing that the majority of the UK is pro-choice, and that we value the work of Bpas and other abortion providers. If you agree, please feel free to join in – by supporting Bpas staff in London and Birmingham, by donating to pro-choice charities, or simply by spreading the word about 40 Days of Treats.

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