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Abortion Law Reformed by Keith Hindell & Madeleine Simms



Abortion Law Reformed


Keith Hindell & Madeleine Simms


New Edition 2012


This remarkable story of how a small group brought about a major change in the law has been re-issued as a Print on Demand paperback in association with Amazon Books.


The Abortion Act of 1967 was a milestone on the road to female equality – in effect it has made motherhood voluntary. It has given pregnant women in Britain the opportunity to terminate their pregnancies under proper medical conditions. It has also prompted much medical innovation in surgical techniques, day care and in abortifacient drugs, so that abortion is now actually a safer option than childbirth.  Over the 46 years since the Act came into effect in Britain some 7 million abortions have been performed within the law, becoming a significant factor in slowing population growth and enabling many young women to postpone child rearing and stay longer in the work force.


This new paperback edition is almost identical to the original of 1971 containing all the text and all the photographs. Only the cover and the price are different.  We commend this unchallenged account of how the law was changed, to medical and law schools, to practitioners and administrators of abortion units in and out of the NHS, as well as to political scientists, historians, sociologists and all students of gender politics.


Keith Hindell  is a retired BBC correspondent

Madeleine Simms, a former General Secretary of the Abortion Law Reform Association,  died in 2011. 

Abortion Law Reformed new edition is published by Peter Owen and   can be obtained from www.Amazon.co.uk

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