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Abortion Rights 2018 Fundraiser – The Big Ask



Help us win the pro-choice fight. We need just £1,000 for our fighting fund donate now via our Indiegogo page!     

Wham! We’re the hardest working pro-choice national campaign out there

Bam! It’s getting harder & harder on our dwindling budget. We went toe to toe with 2017 which gave us the Good, the Bad & the Ugly in global abortion politics.

No thank you, Ma’am! Not forgetting the Conservative – DUP backhander to Trump & Pence’s assault on reproductive rights.

But we got some gravy too – We saw in the 50th birthday of the 1967 Act throwing the party of the half-century, bringing together activists, trusted journalists, politicians & artists together to celebrate the legacy of the life-saving 1967 Abortion Act.

NI women to receive NHS funded abortions. Pre 2017, women in Northern Ireland paid the same tax but didn’t have the same access to healthcare.

Next stop abortion care for Northern Ireland at home!

Scotland blazing a trail for other countries to follow – Women in Scotland can legally take the Abortion Pill at home!

Lots more stuff to do so please help Abortion Rights win the Pro-Choice fight.

We’ll keep fighting for every last crumb of justice. Abortion Rights has been there every step of the way defending against attempted attacks on the Act.

We’re not going anywhere as we believe that every woman deserves free, safe & legal abortion care free from stigma & harassment.

So, gloves are off in 2018 but we need your help! Please donate as little or as much as you can afford & really every penny counts.

We’re getting ready! Fighting for these essential rights.

 Please Support Abortion Rights!


Video by Marina Esmeraldo