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Abortion Rights Chairs’ Together Against Trump Speech

13 July 2018

Its great to see so many of you here.

Because we know Trump hates women.

He said ‘grab them by the pussy’. He said women should be ‘punished’ for having abortions.

And he doubled down on his rhetoric with his policies:

*   blocking aid organisations from giving information and abortion care with the global gag rule.
*   and saying he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, that will see the return to the backstreets in some states

And Trump’s policies spill over here.

Marie Stopes International have said their funding might be cut.

Protesters who shame women outside clinics are emboldened.

And the March for Life had open support from the President. “Life”, because when abortion is illegal, women die.

My mum told me not to hold back.

Well, if his policies are to rip babies away from breastfeeding mothers into detention…

How dare Trump take the moral high ground on abortion?

Join Abortion Rights because we have a lot of solidarity work to do over the coming months.

Abortion rights are human rights. No to coat hanger abortions, no to Trump and his politics of hate.