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Abortion Rights – Local Groups in Scotland

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There is plenty of pro-choice activity going on in Scotland. Get in touch and get involved! We’re always keen to hear from Scottish members who would like to join in. You could help run a local group or simply turn up and be counted at a pro-choice event or fundraiser. It all makes a difference.


The busy, popular Edinburgh group are on Twitter at @EdinProChoice and have a great Facebook page with details of their upcoming events.


The Dundee group can be found on Twitter at @DundeeAR and on Facebook. They also run a blog.


The Glasgow group had their first meeting in February 2015 and further details are to follow. Keep in touch with the Abortion Rights Committee Scotland Twitter account for updates. There is also a dedicated Glasgow Facebook group (it’s a closed group – just send us a request to join).


Keep in touch with the Abortion Rights Committee Scotland Twitter account for updates – there has been a lot of interest in creating a group in Aberdeen.

Your Area & Group

If you’re not close to one of the areas above and there’s interest in pro-choice activity where you live, why not consider setting up a group and affiliating to Abortion Rights? Get in touch with the Abortion Rights Committee Scotland.

College or university student? Union member? Member of a political party? Part of a feminist or women’s group? Affiliate to Abortion Rights to support the pro-choice movement in Scotland and receive regular updates on campaigning activity across the UK.

Abortion Rights Committee Scotland

For more information on the Scotland-wide Abortion Rights Committee, see our post here.