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Abortion Rights sees end to abortion clinic street harassment in Cardiff

Abortion Rights Cardiff is delighted to announce that their campaign to end street harassment outside a local abortion clinic has been successful. The aggressive religiously-funded anti-choice group 40 Days For Life have called off their autumn ‘vigil’ outside BPAS in central Cardiff following a continued campaign against them by local activists.

Early last year a stall appeared outside the clinic distributing misleading literature and harassing clinic staff and clients. Local activists backed by the UK-wide Abortion Rights group responded by establishing Abortion Rights Cardiff, collecting objections from local people and engaging in strategic counter-protesting.
Now the anti-choice activists, part of an organisation with its roots in the American evangelical Christian fundamentalist movement has announced the scheduled autumn operation will be cancelled due to a lack of people willing to participate in it.
 Lesley Blower from Abortion Rights Cardiff, says “’The actions of 40 Days For Life actually spurred me on to getting involved in pro-choice campaigning and I’m now on the executive of Abortion Rights UK. Hundreds of campaigners have joined our local Facebook group and become active. Abortion Rights Cardiff is affiliated to Abortion Rights UK and we will continue working together to improve abortion rights across the United Kingdom.”
Notes to editors:
1. Abortion Rights is the UK’s national pro-choice campaign. www.abortionrights.org.uk
2. Abortion Rights believes street harassment outside medical clinics is never appropriate and calls on anti-choice groups to campaign via legitimate political means.
3. Abortion Rights would urge anyone considering a counter protest to street harassment groups to check first with clinic staff for guidance.