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Abortion Rights statement on CQC abortion clinic inspections


“We are pleased that the vast majority of abortion providers inspected are found to be completing their paperwork appropriately.  When concerns are raised in any branch of healthcare it is important that they are investigated fully.

However, the handling of this affair raises serious questions about Andrew Lansley’s judgement when it comes to abortion services. Long before today’s report was published he was telling journalists that he was shocked and appalled at possible wrongdoing by abortion providers and warning that criminal charges may be brought.

But as the report shows, only a handful of clinics were found to have completed their paperwork incorrectly and there was no evidence that patient care was harmed at any of the locations.

This was a politically motivated attack on abortion providers, ordered by Andrew Lansley to appease a small number of Conservative backbenchers who wish to see access to abortion severely restricted.

The result of this investigation has been to undermine women’s trust in abortion services and to create fear and confusion among doctors which is now causing delays to patient care.”