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Abortion Rights statement on fundraising platform Go Fund Me banning abortion.



“Abortion Rights is outraged that US-based crowdfunding platform has added “abortion related” content to their list of banned topics. It appears, however, that Go Fund Me have not fully banned “abortion related” campaigns, as anti-choice fundraising campaigns remained live on the site.


Abortion Rights notes that obtaining abortion is legal in the US thanks to Roe v. Wade – despite extortionate amounts of state specific anti-choice legislation being pushed through – and yet Go Fund Me is has added abortion to their banned list alongside illegal practises such as terrorism and drugs. Go Fund Me allows fundraising to cover health-costs and yet has singled out reproductive healthcare that 1 in 3 women in the US use.


We worry what this could mean for women who may turn to crowdfunding to access the healthcare they need, such as in Northern Ireland where the 1967 Act doesn’t apply and the NHS does not cover their terminations undergone in Britain.”


Notes for editors:

1. Abortion Rights UK is the UK’s national pro-choice organisation campaigning for a woman’s right to choose. Our website is www.abortionrights.org.uk

2. Abortion is legal in England, Scotland and Wales provided a woman gains the consent of two doctors. Abortions are normally carried out on the NHS.

3. Abortion, except in extreme circumstances, is illegal in Northern Ireland and estimates suggest as many as 40 women a week travel to other parts of the UK to obtain services that other UK citizens can receive for free.

4. Abortion Rights UK is campaigning to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland and to remove obstacles to safe legal abortion for women across the UK and around the world.

5. Abortion Rights UK recommends women in the UK wanting more information about abortion contact BPAS on 08457 304030 or www.bpas.org

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