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Abortion Rights Student Conference 2014

On the 22nd November 2014 Abortion Rights hosted our annual Student Conference. It was well attended with people coming to hear varying fascinating panel discussions and take part in a diverse range of workshops. These covered an array of subjects, with topics including: intersectionality and abortion; medical students and abortion; clinic harassment and effective campaign strategies; the media; migrant Students access and experience of abortion service; the trans* perspective; craftivism; and ‘The Politics of Choice’. There was a great mix of speakers ranging from activists to abortion providers, journalists to artists, and NUS representatives to student union representatives .


The conference brought together students and activists from across the country to network, share ideas and discuss ideas for campaign strategies.  We had hoped to create a safe space to discuss and debate the core issues surrounding reproductive justice, and by all accounts it was a success.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and took part. Your views and actions are so important to the movement as a whole and we loved hearing from you!