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Abortion Rights UK has called for a protest outside The London Supreme Court 11 November

11 November outside the Supreme Court London

Join us in a demonstration outside the Supreme Court Tuesday 11 November to show pro-choice individuals and groups will not stand for anything that could limit our access to services and exercising our reproductive rights. 

Tomorrow, 11th of Novmeber, the Supreme Court will hear the appeal case of Catholic Glasgow midwifery sisters, which, if successful, would greatly extend the scope of conscientous objection in terms of abortion care and participation in procedures beyond direct involvement. This would set new precedence exempting conscientious objectors from all involvement in abortion procedures, including setting rosters and managing staff.

Abortion Rights vehemently opposes any action that attempts to restrict women’s current access to abortion including all attacks on the 1967 Abortion Act. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will overturn this ruling because the ramifications are dangerous and wide reaching effects on the NHS provisions of abortion services and women’s access to abortion. 

Find the link to our Facebook event here