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Abortion rights is throwing a party

Abortion Rights is throwing a Pro Choice Party!

Abortion Rights, the national pro choice campaign, is hosting their first fundraising Pro Choice party! Adopting a Salt n Pepa namesake that articulates our sentiments precisely, None of Your Business will feature an amazing all female line up of DJ’s and leading feminist Zines.


image (2)This includes music from:

WORK IT Established in Hackney in 2008, the Work It girls have quickly made waves within the East London club scene. From their cool blend of throwback Hip Hop/ RnB nostalgia to their Old Skool female icon inspired flyers, the Work It girls are as fresh, smooth and no-nonsense as their Missy Elliot hit namesake.

POLYESTER MAGAZINE: Born of out Editor-in-Chief Ione Gamble’s frustration with mainstream fashion and pop culture, Polyester magazine celebrates bad taste and trashy-