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Annual Report – A year of action and success

ImageIn 2008, the pro-choice movement stepped up to meet its biggest challenge in a generation. Our Annual Report shows how Abortion Rights was central to defeating a serious parliamentary attempt to drive back women’s abortion rights; placing the call for improved rights, including for the women of Northern Ireland, high on the political agenda; and celebrating 40 years of the 1967 Abortion Act in Britain.

The 2008 Report documents the campaigning year with pictures and accounts from across Britain. It highlights the myriad of national and local protests, demonstrations, rallies, public meetings, street stalls, fundraisers and lobbying initiatives organised by a huge number of supporters from trade unionists to students, health workers to concerned individuals.

2009 will be an important year – supporters are encouraged to continue to work with Abortion Rights to press the government to use its significant powers of regulation to allow Northern Irish women free NHS care and to remove unfair barriers to British women’s access to services. We must remain vigilant against renewed pressure for restrictions.