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AR STATEMENT: Is BBC Two’s Abortion on Trial putting choice on Trial?

BBC 2 will air ‘Abortion On Trial’ at 9 pm tonight. Abortion Rights has not seen the documentary in advance but will be responding live using the hashtag #ChoiceonTrial

A member of Abortion Rights’ executive committee took part in the programme, filmed at Anne Robinson’s Gloucestershire home.

Abortion Rights’ Chair Kerry Abel said in advance:

“I heard about this programme before I heard the title, and I was excited: we rarely see women discuss their experiences of abortion in the media or in private, despite abortion being a common procedure that one in three adult women will have.

“Nevertheless, outside feminist spaces, it is unusual to see such frankness, despite the fact that almost everyone will know at least one person who has had an abortion. This programme offered an opportunity to show this. When I heard the title, though, I was disappointed.

“Fifty years on, we should be discussing improved healthcare, better access, and medical advancements – not debate whether women are allowed the right to choose.

“I hope this title is just to draw people in. We will be watching and commenting along on social media.”

Follow Kerry’s commentary and other pro-choice activists on @Abortion_Rights or the hashtag #ChoiceonTrial