Abortion Rights’ statement on Channel 4’s Dispatches investigation into crisis pregnancy centres:

04/10/16 Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights, commented: “Abortion Rights has long been concerned about the activities of crisis pregnancy centres which push an anti-choice agenda on clients, and which spread misinformation about abortion. “We welcome this Dispatches investigation, and hope that it will raise awareness of CPCs so that fewer people are taken in...
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Abortion Rights, the UK’s pro-choice campaign, stands in solidarity with Polish women on general strike today against the country’s proposed draconian abortion laws

Monday 3 October 2016 – Abortion Rights, the UK’s pro-choice campaign, sends a message of support and solidarity to women in Poland who go on general strike today against proposed laws that would criminalise all abortion and sentence women who have terminations to five years in prison. Doctors who provide healthcare to women ending their...
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The Isle of Man abortion law

13/09/16 Abortion Rights UK would like to extend our support and admiration to all the brave members of the Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation (CALM) in the Isle of Man, who are campaigning for equal access to abortion with women living in nearby Britain. Abortion rights are human rights and no woman should be forced...
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