The Bush administration deals a further blow to women

As the Beijing +10 Conference opens amidst hopes of greater equality and autonomy for women worldwide, the US threatens to withdraw its support from any declaration that includes the right to abortion. Once a leader in international family planning, the US is now reversing this trend in favour of abstinence programmes. Read more at:,,1427531,00.html


In the UK, a substantial proportion of new mothers suffer from post-natal depression. There is as yet no universally agreed definition of this, except that  it is a depressive condition which can affect a mother in the weeks and months  after childbirth. It is generally thought to affect between 10 and 15 per cent of ...
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Denial of access to abortion services

Safe, legal abortion rarely has negative psychological effects. The denial of access  to abortion, however, can have serious consequences for the woman and for the resultant child. Several research studies have compared the effects on women and their children of those granted abortion and those forced to continue with their pregnancy. The evidence shows that...
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Psychological problems

The consensus of all authoritative psychiatric and medical opinion is that, for the large majority of women, the effects on psychological health of having an abortion are neither major nor long-lasting.  Most women report feeling a sense of relief. They suggest that the most stressful thing is coming to the decision to terminate, particularly when...
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Physical complications

Pregnancy is not without physical risk: carrying a pregnancy to term and giving birth can cause complications and subsequent health problems or even death. Even if a woman is in good physical health continuing a pregnancy is more risky than an abortion. Complications after an abortion such as serious bleeding, internal damage to the uterus...
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