Beyond the Backstreet – Fighting for Abortion Rights 50 Years on

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Beyond the Backstreet – Fighting for Abortion Rights 50 Years on

28th October 2017


Abortion Rights UK  is giving the 1967 Abortion Act the 50th birthday celebration it deserves! They will be time-traveling through the past, present, and future of abortion rights activism, from discussing past activists’ legacies and how the Act was won to the most pressing issues facing abortion rights today, from decriminalization to Northern Ireland and understanding the importance of realistic abortion stories in popular culture. Phew!

The daytime event runs from 11 am – 4 pm, with a top-draw line-up of speakers. As if this wasn’t enough, there will


be some great evening entertainment! Join us at 7 pm for an evening of high-quality belly laughter! We’ve scored an awesome line-up of hilarious feminist comedians. People can come to the day and/or the evening. Tickets will be sold separately for each.


Expect an exciting, dynamic day of workshops, speeches and panel discussions from a broad-based line-up of expert women. The evening portion will be full of belly-laughs and clever poetry.


Polly Vernon: is a well-respected Guardian journalist who has written for an extensive publication list, and is the author of the book ‘Hot Feminism’. A long-standing defender of a woman’s right to abortion, Polly believes passionately in a woman’s right to abortion.Diane Munday:

Satia Sa Dias:  one-half of an intelligent podcast duo who produce and present Melanin Millenials. Satia frankly discusses her experience of being a young, black woman in the UK, from serious issues relating to the African and Caribbean UK diaspora to hilarious commentary on popular culture.

Zing Tsjeng:  the UK editor of Vice’s female-focused channel Broadly, one of the slickest feminist platforms around, tackling everything from revenge porn to maternity leave. A hugely experienced journalist, editor and documentary writer, Zing is a powerful, cutting edge female voice to be reckoned with!

Diane Munday: Diane Munday was a key member of the Abortion Law Reform (ALRA) Association, part of the successful movement which brought about the landmark 1967 Abortion Act. Diane traveled tirelessly around the country drumming up support for the movement.

Kerry Abel: Kerry Abel is the Chair of the Abortion Rights Campaign which campaigns to defend and extend a woman’s right to choose. She has promoted the campaign in the media, including appearing on Sky News and BBC’s Newsnight. Kerry has worked in the trade union movement for over ten years as a union organiser.

Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC: a public law specialist at Doughty Street Chambers, and a member of London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign. Earlier this year, she acted for two women who brought a case to the European Court of Human Rights regarding lack of free abortion services for Northern Irish women.

Dr. Ann Rossiter: a long-standing, indefatigable Irish feminist activist. She is the author of “Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora, the abortion trail and the making of a London-Irish underground, 1980-2000“, about London-Irish women who have supported Irish women across the Irish Sea to have an abortion in a British clinic.

Emma Campbell: the co-chair of Alliance for Choice, an activist organization that campaigns for abortion rights in Northern Ireland. A feminist activist, Emma has written extensively on the issue of abortion, including articles for The Guardian and Open Democracy.

Dr. Jayne Kavanagh: an expert in sexual and reproductive health, and has worked in abortion care over the past three decades. As a Principal Clinical Teaching Fellow at UCL Medical School, Dr. Jayne is responsible for designing and delivering the Medical Ethics and Law curriculum at this university.

Sally Sheldon: Professor of Law at Kent University and has published in the area of medical ethics, law, abortion, and is working on a project that re-evaluates the 1967 Abortion Act. As one of the oldest extant pieces of the statute governing modern medical practice, this is research important.

Dr. Pam Lowe: a senior lecturer at Aston University, is an expert on reproductive health, pregnancy and politics, and feminist theory. Dr. Lowe’s studies have identified the distress of women caused by the presence of anti-abortion campaigners outside abortion clinics, and she has campaigned tirelessly for the decriminalization of abortion.



28th October 2017


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