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FREE – SAFE – LEGAL: How will the coming election affect access to abortion in the UK?

Abortion Rights Edinburgh invites you to a Public Meeting on Monday 15th February at the University of Edinburgh, at 7.30 pm.

Women’s access to abortion can be and is still threatened – as was demonstrated when the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill was used as an opportunity to challenge access to abortion in 2008.

Some politicians have made open statements challenging women’s right to choose, including First Minister Alex Salmond here in Scotland.

Women in Northern Ireland currently don’t have access to free, safe, and legal abortion – despite being UK taxpayers, and under the NHS.

Abortion is currently not seen as part of Labour or Conservative party policy, but left to the ‘conscience’ of individual MPs, placing abortion rights at risk.

How can we make our voices heard in the coming election? How can we protect against attacks on women’s abortion rights in the UK? How can we ensure that the conscience deciding on these matters is that of individual women? How can we ensure that all women in the UK, regardless of location, or immigration status, have access to free, safe and legal abortion?

Come and discuss these issues with our panel and help protect women’s rights, and keep abortion on the agenda.

The Panel Discussion will include speakers from:

Doctors for a Woman’s Choice on Abortion
Scottish Trade Union Congress
Abortion Rights Edinburgh

and will be chaired by Edinburgh University Feminist Society with Scottish and UK parliamentary candidates invited to participate in the discussion.

Venue: University of Edinburgh, Lecture Theatre 3, Appleton Tower, George Square, Edinburgh.

Visit the Abortion Rights Edinburgh website for further information.