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GE2015: Statement on Abortion from Cass MacGregor, Scottish Green Party

Here at Abortion Rights Committee Scotland we have been emailing and tweeting parliamentary candidates in Scotland to ask for their views on a woman’s right to choose ahead of the May 7 General Election.

When we got in touch with Cass MacGregor, Scottish Green candidate for Glasgow Central, on Twitter, she kindly took the time to respond more fully than 140 characters allows. Her emailed statement to us is as follows:

I and the Scottish Green Party as a whole are strongly supportive of women’s reproductive rights.

We consider that reproductive health services must be delivered on the basis that all people have the right to decide whether and how to control their own fertility, and that decisions about whether to have children, when and how many to have should be a matter of free choice.  We recognise that the decision whether or not to continue with a pregnancy is never undertaken lightly.

We support the decriminalisation of abortion and absolutely agree that laws concerning women’s reproductive rights should be made equal UK-wide.  We believe that laws such as those in Northern Ireland which make it more difficult for women to obtain abortions do nothing to address the underlying factors to cause women to seek abortions but instead merely increase the distress and health risks for those involved.  We agree that police should intervene where necessary if people or groups are harassing women or workers at abortion clinics, causing them unnecessary distress and seeking to impede their access to treatment.

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