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How Trade Unionists can support the campaign

It is now becoming urgent that trade unionists take an active part in the pro-choice movement. Every trade union branch and individual trade unionist can make a difference. Please find below some simple steps that you can take to raise awareness, lobby MPs not to bend to anti-choice pressure, and help build a pro-choice movement capable of defending women’s crucial reproductive rights.




– Write an article or letterto circulate to your branch members or for publication in your trade union journal or website.

– Organise for a link to be posted on your website to Abortion Rights website and up our key campaigning materials – Circulate the Abortion Right’s briefing ‘The abortion debate: exposing the anti-choice myths – putting women back in the picture’ to your branch members.

– Write a letter to your local press

– Organise a branch discussion on the issue and invite Abortion Rights to speak

– Display Abortion Rights’ pro-choice posters ‘3/4 support a woman’s right to make her own abortion decision’



MPs are forming their opinions NOW on whether or not to support restrictions in access to abortion. So far this will be largely based on the misleading media coverage of the issue and the idea that it is popular to attack abortion rights. Trade unionists have an important roll to play in influencing their local MPs, and their trade union sponsored MPs, before its too late and their opinions become entrenched.

– Send an Abortion Rights lobbying postcard to your MP

– Organise for your branch to distribute the postcards to all its members with a briefing to explain the issues. Postcards and briefings are available in card or e-mail versions.

– Organise for your trade union to contact all of its sponsored MPs to remind them of your trade union’s national pro-choice policy or the importance of defending the time limit.

– MPs are disproportionately influenced by face-to-face meetings. You could make a real difference by arranging delegations to meet with MPs. We can provide evidence based briefings and advice to help prepare your visit. We are compiling a database of parliamentary opinion and would really appreciate feedback from your meetings.



Now is the time for trade unionists to add their active support to the pro-choice movement. Abortion Rights is the only national grass roots pro-choice campaigning organisation for the UK. We rely on the financial support of individual members and affilates. You can help by:

– Joining Abortion Rights yourself and encouraging other trade union colleagues to join.

Add your voice or abortion story to www.prochoicemajority.org.uk.


– Working to pass pro-choice policyin your trade union branch and affiliate your branch Abortion Rights. We can help with model motions and support.



Every pound that you can raise for the campaign will make a direct difference, allowing us to produce and distribute the campaigning materials and information that will be crucial to fending off the current attack. You can help by:

– Securing a donation for Abortion Rights or sponsorship money for specific initiatives

– Covering the costs of the campaign materials you receive from Abortion Rights. Cheques are payable to Abortion Rights. Please let us know if you would like an invoice.

–  Providing support in kind – can you offer to print any of our campaign materials, circulate campaign emails, offer your time to volunteer for Abortion Rights?

– Play the pro-choice lottery, and encouraging colleagues, friends and family to join in too.

– Model motion