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Hundreds of pro-choice protesters force anti-abortion bullied into the back streets

Every year March for Life UK holds ‘the largest pro-life festival in the UK’, their words, with the aim of ‘building a culture of life’, whatever that may be. Despite this anti-choice, anti-women jamboree taking place in Birmingham city centre the event sees sponsorship from numerous US-based groups and so the messages they transmit are extremely similar to those of American extremists. Supporters of the event range from religious groups, social conservatives to apparent proud fascists. The last twelve months of political chaos and the creeping spread of right-wing conservative nationalism meant that this year, it was more crucial than ever to mount a counter-demonstration to this appalling display of hate and prejudice.

Kerry Abel, Chair of Abortion Rights stated ‘Abortion Rights  is joining up with women’s groups as part of Women’s March Against Trump to not only lobby against Birmingham Council giving over Victoria Square in central Birmingham to these extremists, but by calling our own demonstration in Birmingham against all the misogyny and sexism that Trump galvanised in his election campaign and that is creeping over here. We say not in our name and not in Birmingham.’

Pro-choice activists turned out in their hundreds to stand against the well-oiled oppression machine that is March for Life. Supporters gathered to hear speakers including Kerry Abel, the Chair of Abortion Rights, Abi Fitzgibbon from BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service), Louise Regan, Vice-President of the NUT (National Union of Teachers). After this, the pro-choice group, along with other members of the Women’s March Against Trump successfully blocked the path of the March for Life down New Street; forcing the anti- abortion bullies into the backstreets and out of the public eye.