Abortion Rights

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Action on Abortion - tomorrow!


coathanger fistRally for abortion rights: 2pm, Sat 29th Sept, Old Palace Yard, opposite Parliament.

Today is International Day of Action for Safe and Legal Abortion – it's being marked by reproductive rights groups across the world.

There are lots of events going in Britian and Ireland this week too. In London, Abortion Rights is calling for:

Rights for women in Northern Ireland

An end to anti-choice harassment outside abortion clinics

Global decriminalisation of abortion

We'll be joined by Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett; Jennifer Reiter from the Abortion Support Network which helps women from Northern Ireland access safe abortion in the UK; by NUS National Women's Officer Kelley Temple and by our friends from UK Feminista.

Follow us on Twitter at @Abortion_Rights for updates and look for the #ActionOnAbortion hashtag.

Find out more about why we're calling for Action On Abortion

It's time for change  –  so join us at Westminster and demand Action on Abortion.



Here's a list of other events going on this week, including another Abortion Rights action in Dundee on Saturday:

Belfast: Public Meeting, “Decriminalise Abortion Now!”
Friday 28th September, 7-9pm, Premier Inn, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast

Dublin: Street Action, ‘Hanging Out Our Dirty Laundry'
Friday 28th September, 1.00pm, Guildhall Square

Dundee: Action on Abortion
Saturday 29th September, 2-4pm, Reform Street, Dundee

Dublin: March for Choice
Saturday 29th September, 2pm, O'Connell Street, Dublin

London: Public Meeting: 'Taking abortion out of the criminal law'
Monday 1st October, 6.46-9pm, Body & Soul, 99 Rosebery Avenue, London

Belfast: Street Protest for Choice
Saturday 6th October, 3.30pm



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