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Intimidation outside Brighton abortion clinic

A church group has been criticised for showing graphic images outside a BPAS abortion clinic in Brighton.

The Jubilee Community Church of Worthing is linked to the Abort 67 protest group, who staged a protest recently outside the Wistons Clinic in Brighton, handing out leaflets comparing abortion to the Holocaust, and telling people entering the clinic that they are murderers, and more likely to become drug addicts.

BPAS press officer Clare Murphy told local paper the Worthing Herald: “I cannot reiterate enough our support for freedom of speech, and people’s right to campaign to overturn the abortion law.

“But we do believe there must be a more moral way to do this than by causing distress to individual women at a very difficult time in their lives – particularly by people who are members of an active local church that appears to pride itself on compassion and care for the community.”

The anti-abortion group Abort 67 has been in trouble with the law over graphic protests outside the Wistons clinic in the past. In September 2010, the Telegraph reported, two Abort 67 protesters were arrested for public order offences after they were asked by police to remove a placard with gruesome images on it, which they did – only to replace it with an even more lurid and offensive poster.

The protest is yet another instance of US-style anti-abortion tactics being adopted by UK groups. Indeed Abort 67 is linked to hardline anti-choice group the Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform which has caused outrage in the US and Canada with its graphic poster displays on university campuses which also compare abortion to the Holocaust.

If you come across examples of anti-abortion groups acting in this way, please email us.