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Irish Embassy protest on Wednesday 20th August

Abortion Rights held a successful protest outside the Irish Embassy on Wednesday 20th August in solidarity with protests and rallies held across the island of Ireland. Supporters gathered with banners and placards and made clear their opposition to the heinous treatment of Migrant X by the Irish State.

Speakers from the Irish Feminist Network, Lawyers for Choice, My Belly is Mine, the Abortion Support Network, and Speaking of IMELDA (Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion) joined Abortion Rights spokesperson Aisling Gallagher standing in solidarity with calls from the Irish Abortion Rights Campaign for an immediate referendum to repeal the eighth amendment in the Irish constitution.

Abortion Rights have long been campaigning for an extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland, and support activists in the Republic of Ireland campaigning for free, safe and legal access to abortion services in the Republic. Thousands of women both north and south travel to the UK every year for a termination, with many others accessing abortion pills illegally online.

The national Abortion Rights campaign reaffirms its commitment in fighting for and protecting access to safe, legal abortion in the UK, and stand in solidarity with our counterparts in the Republic of Ireland campaigning for the right to access an abortion in their own country.