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Is Philip Davies a little Trump?


It’s wonderful to live in Shipley.  An area where there is a strong feminist base.   Where women live, work and organised a successful Women’s March against Trump. I’m on the Abortion Rights Committee, engaging women locally and nationally around pro-choice issues.  So why is Philip Davies so out of touch with his constituents?

Philip Davies MP, like Donald Trump is an anti-feminist who is committed to pushing back women’s rights.

In January this year, Philip Davies was elected, unopposed, to the Women and Equalities committee. A committee that he has said the word “Women” should be removed from the title. One of his early contributions to the committee, has been to filibuster for more than an hour, on a bill intended to tackle domestic violence against women and girls.

He voted against the Decriminalisation of Abortion Ten Minute Rule Bill. A Bill tabled so that a woman who chooses to end her own pregnancy, without the permission of 2 doctors will not be sentenced to life imprisonment.  This is legislation which dates back to Victorian times and is out of step in the 21st century.

Within the same month, surrounded by men, Donald Trump re-signed the Global Gag Rule. The Rule which under Reagan and Bush, restricted all organisations in receipt of US aid funds for family planning, from using even their own US funds to provide legal abortion services.

Prior to the presidential election, Philip Davies stated he would have voted for Donald Trump.

When you look at the MP’s voting record, it’s easy to draw parallels between him and Trump.

On health, Trump signed an executive order which attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  A move which would have devastating effects on children and the poorest in US society who cannot afford to purchase health insurance.  Philip Davies has made attempts to prevent discussion of a bill to reverse private sector takeovers of the NHS.  Back with his same old filibuster method, he also tried to block a Bill which would have seen children given training on first aid administration.

Last year Mr Davies said more women should be sent to prison in order to achieve equality with men.  Previously he has tabled a Private Members’ Bill which would have repealed the Sex Discrimination(Election Candidate) Act 2002, in order to remove “legalised discrimination in the form of all-women shortlist.”  Why is he so threatened by women shortlists?  Maybe it’s because the Tories might start using them?

As my local MP for Shipley, Mr Davies has shown a blatant disregard for important issues which women face. In my opinion, the continued use of filibustering instead of open and honest dialogue, is an abuse of the power.  Power which has been given to him by the people who elected him and who he supposedly represents.  This is not theatre Mr Davies.  These are the lives of women, women who live within your constituency.  We should not be marginalised.

We should stand up to mini-Trumps when we see them in our back yard. Here are three things we can all do:

Rachel Earlington, Abortion Rights Executive Member