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It’s time for 40 Days of Choice!

ImageToday marks the first day of Lent and the first day of the regular 40 Days of Life anti-choice protest, which this year is targeting abortion clinics in London, Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester. 

It’s the UK off-shoot of a US Christian campaign, and protesters will be outside the clinics, 8am to 8pm, seven days a week for the next 40 days, handing out leaflets, observing every client and staff member that goes in and out, and making sure we all know that they believe our right to choose should be restricted, or better still, removed altogether.

In Brighton, anti-choice protesters are a regular feature of daily life – for months the local clinic has been the focus of a hardline and unpleasant campaign by Abort67, which shows how much it cares for women by holding up pictures of aborted foetuses, telling people entering the clinic that they’re murderers and regularly harassing and intimidating clients and staff.

So what can we do to express our opposition to this kind of behaviour – in a way that will not simply inflame the situation at clinics and increase stress for service users?

Well, pro-choice groups have been set up in Brighton and Bloomsbury to create local responses to protests in their areas, and Abortion Rights has been encouraging supporters to contact the church which backs Abort67 calling on them to withdraw their support.

Today though, we’re helping to launch a new online campaign called 40 Days of Choice. Its purpose is to offer small, positive steps we can all take to demonstrate our pro-choice support, raise awareness of abortion rights and show that targeting women outside abortion clinics is unacceptable.

So, go along to the 40 Days of Choice website, follow the campaign on twitter (where you can add a twibbon to your profile) and take part in the daily actions. We’re a pro-choice nation – let’s be proud of it! {mosimage}