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It’s time to say the ‘A Word’

Education for Choice, the charity which works to help young people make informed choices about pregnancy and abortion, has launched a new campaign – ‘The A Word’ – aimed at ensuring young people can receive accurate information and good quality education about abortion. 

As many of our supporters will know, anti-choice groups are currently invited into schools across the country to teach children about abortion as part of their Sex and Relationships Education or RE lessons. Each year, thousands of children are exposed to the misinformation provided by these groups – often accompanied by graphic images – learning that, for example, abortion causes breast cancer and infertility. 

Like Abortion Rights, Education for Choice believes it is unacceptable to deliberately misinform young people in this way. All young people have a right to evidence-based Sex and Relationships Education, free from political bias, to equip them to make informed choices about their lives, including unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

As part of their ‘A Word’ campaign, Education for Choice is conducting an audit of what and how schools in England are teaching children about abortion. Maybe you can help: Do you know how SRE is being taught in your local schools? Are your children learning the ‘facts’ about abortion from anti-choice groups? To find out more about EfC’s work and how you can support their campaign, have a look at their website.