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join the pro-choice protest! London 6th February

Abortion Rights has called a peaceful pro-choice protest against the road show ‘Not on your life . .. or anyone else’s’ with MP Ann Widdecome and Lord David Alton which is promoting anti-abortion goals around the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill..

A flyer to promote the protest is available to download and photocopy here.

Assemble outside Central Hall Westminster
Wednesday 6th February, 6.30pm
Nearest tube Westminster

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster is on Victoria Street in London, just off Parliament Square, next to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and facing Westminster Abbey.

map and directions

We are pleased to confirm that police permission for the protest has been granted.

The road show is jointly organised by hard line anti-abortion groups Care, Life and Right to Life Trust and is also being promoted by other anti-abortion organisations including the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Ahead of the protest, Christine McCafferty MP said: We heavily defeated Nadine Dorries MP’s backbench Bill to lower the abortion time limit last year. I led the opposition. I spoke and I voted against it and I am determined that any similar amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill must be defeated again. In the 40th anniversary year of the enactment of the 1967 Abortion Act, we cannot allow the tiny minority who oppose all abortion to chip away women’s fundamental rights. Women’s rights should be extended not restricted.

Katherine Rake, Director Fawcett Society said: The Fawcett Society fully supports Abortion Rights’ Pro-choice Campaign. The further restrictions which are being proposed to women’s access to abortion would be a regression of women’s fundamental rights.

The right to an abortion is vital in itself. But there are also clear links between women’s reproductive rights and broader equality between women and men – a woman’s right to choose is linked to her ability to make economic choices, choices about partnerhips, and choices about her own health.

Women campaigned for the vote, and for the right to abortion, so that they would be able to have control over decisions, which affected their lives. We must continue fighting to ensure that these rights are built upon, not eroded, in the coming years.

Louise Hutchins Abortion Rights Campaign Coordinator said: Abortion Rights is determined that all anti-abortion amendments moved as part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill currently in Parliament are defeated, and that any opportunity to advance the abortion law for women is maximised. We are protesting as a positive public expression of the strength feeling of the pro-choice majority and of opposition to organised attacks on women’s fundamental rights.