Manifesto UK General Election 2017

Manifesto UK General Election 2017

Abortion Rights have put together our dream manifesto, calling on politicians and policy makers to review 5 key areas which are central in the aim of removing current obstructions to women’s reproductive rights.

Our 2017 manifesto calls upon all parties to provide:

  • Equal access to abortion care for all
  • Accurate and available information on abortion
  • An end to harassment and intimidation outside clinics
  • RSE lessons to include abortion as a safe and clinical option
  • Comprehensive reproductive health care

Read our manifesto here: Abortion Rights 2017 Election Manifesto 

Take Action

1 in 3 of the female electorate will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old, Can we count on you to help improve women’s experience of and access to abortion information and care?

We’re asking our membership to write to your their local MP candidates and ask them support some our key recommendations in the run-up to the General Election, and beyond.

Download our Model Letter to here: Model Letter to MPs  

Whatever the results of the election, rest assured we will be keeping a very watchful eye on the winner, to make sure a woman’s right to abortion is safeguarded.