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Mar 2014 Newsletter

Prochoice public meeting and AGM, London

Everyone is invited to our (free) Pro-choice Public Meeting on 29th March at 12:30pm! Please share this email and/or the Facebook event to ensure the pro-choice majority are heard.


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The Demonising of Women’s Choices, London

Join the prochoice community for a night of conversation on debates and challenges facing abortion law and access worldwide on April 8th, 6:30pm. Speakers include Director of Antenatal Results and Choices Jane Fisher, Reproductive Health Matters Journal Editor Marge Berer, and Suchitra Dalvie of The Asia Safe Abortion Partnership. While this event is free (and includes a complimentary glass of vino whilst chatting!), registration is required. Hosting is Voice for Choice, the UK’s national coalition of pro-choice organisations, of which Abortion Rights is proud to be a member.


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Pro-choice Ealing: 40 Days for Life not welcome here!, Ealing (West London)

Another year, another Lent used by 40 Days for Life anti-choice protestors to harass women, friends, family and staff outside clinics around the world. This year, the London 40DFL “vigil” is outside the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing — luckily, we have a pro-choice counter protest for you! Join Bloomsbury Pro-choice Alliance on 5th April, 12:00pm at Ealing Green, W5 5DA. Go public with your pro-choice, you are the majority! Keep up to date with the Facebook event, or on Twitter at @BloomsburyPC and @Abortion_Rights


TUC Motion on Spain

The following statement was adopted by the TUC Women’s Conference on 14th March 2014 in London:

TUC Women’s Conference condemns the Spanish government’s attempts to undermine women’s reproductive rights by restricting access to abortion. The women gathered in London on the occasion of the eighty fourth TUC Women’s Conference express their solidarity with Spanish sisters whose rights are coming under attack from a right wing government.”


Take ACTION with Lithuania!

Lithuanian Parliament is currently deliberating the ‘abortion ban bill’, which criminalises abortion with imprisonment of up to three years, among other horrendous elements. Please show solidarity by signing the petition (in English) set up by Lithuanian Citizens’ Initiative for the Right to a Safe and Legal Abortion, and demand the right to make one’s own reproductive choices in Lithuania. You can also show support by liking the Initiative on Facebook (in Lithuanian).


Planning a holiday? Vienna, Austria

We recommend the Museum of Abortion and Contraception in Vienna, which was founded by Christian Fiala to educate on the ‘horrific history of [unsafe] abortion’ (read more of Mr Fiala’s story). Staying home? Their website library is a great resource (site in English and German).



We apologise for a small error in the AGM Motions Booklet, which was posted to our members last week; Motion A should not have included the sentence ‘No ‘This AGM believes’ section, as per format of other motions?’ as this was a layover from the editing stage. We apologise for any confusion caused.


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