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Model letter on defending and advancing the law to MP who voted to lower the time limit

Please find here a word document version of the model letter for you to download and amend.

House of Commons


I am writing to ask you to support amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, which would end some of the unfair obstruction and delays that women commonly face when seeking an abortion. Also, to oppose amendments that would restrict women’s abortion rights and force women to access services at later gestations that they would want. You will have the chance to vote on these amendments at Report Stage of the Bill on 14th July.

Whatever your views on abortion per se, I hope you will agree that if it happens, it should preferably take place as early on and as safely as possible. As you will know, 89 per cent of abortions take place in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. With improvements to the law, this figure can be improved on and more women might have access to early, abortion.

There is a lot of evidence showing that many women seeking early abortion face delays and obstruction. The cross-party Commons Science and Technology Committee, professional medical bodies such as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal College of Nursing and family planning groups have all argued that changes to the law are now required to improve access.

Can I count on your support for amendments seeking to improve access to abortion? Proposals include: reducing the number of doctors who have to approve an abortion from two to one; enabling suitably trained nurses to carry out early abortions; allowing women to take the second stage early abortion pill at home if they wish and ensuring women are not denied the opportunity for an early abortion because doctors who are against abortion don’t tell them at the beginning and refer them on to someone else. 

You may also be given the opportunity to vote to extend the Abortion Act 1967 to Northern Ireland in the interests of public health and equity. At least five women have died because there is no access to safe legal, abortion there; many thousands have faced hardship through having to travel abroad and others have been forced to continue with a pregnancy against their will. I would be grateful to know if you will also support this measure.

No woman takes the decision to have an abortion lightly. I hope you will consider carefully supporting amendments to improve the law for women.

Yours sincerely,