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Model letter to send to your local newspaper’s letter’s page

Image We would like the local press nation wide to carry letters in support of advancing the abortion law ahead of the expected vote on the 14th July. Please use the model letter below as a basis for your own, adding your MPs name and any suitable additional local angle. Do let us have copies of any letters published!

Please find here a word document version of the model letter for you to download and amend.

Dear letters editor,

On July 14 in parliament MPs will have the first opportunity in 18 years to end the unnecessary barriers that women still face when trying to access abortion. Whilst some would have us believe that abortion is easily accessible to all women, the reality is that women commonly face obstruction from anti-abortion GPs and a post-code lottery in NHS provision. This can result in women experiencing distressing delays and being forced to have later abortions, pay hundreds of pounds for private treatment or continue with an unwanted pregnancy. No woman takes the decision to have an abortion lightly and current practice, rather than supporting women through this, can make the experience more, not less difficult. Medical and health organisations, as well as the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, all agree that medical ethics and practice around abortion have moved on since 1967 and recommend that these unnecessary obstructions to abortion be removed.

In May, despite a sensationalist and misleading anti-abortion campaign, a majority of MPs voted against any lowering of the abortion time limit.

Followed by either paragraph…

If your MP voted against cuts in the time limit…
I am pleased to say that local MP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was part of that majority who listened to women’s needs and medical evidence. I urge [her/him] to use [her/his] vote again to help bring the abortion law into the 21st Century.

or, if you MP voted for cuts in the time limit…
Unfortunately, local MP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . voted to restrict women’s rights. The next stage in the Bill will be his/her opportunity to support progress for women and improve her/his standing amongst women in his/her constituency.



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