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MPs reject ‘sex-selection’ Trojan Horse amendment

Abortion Rights UK is delighted that MPs have rejected the proposed sex selection amendment and voted 292 votes against to 201 for.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our pro-choice colleagues who through tireless campaigning helped to safeguard the reproductive freedoms of women in the UK.

The mobilization was an integrated effort. Thanks to all the supporters who gave their time and lobbied their MPs – who tweeted, wrote in and refused to be silenced or fooled by Bruce’s Trojan Horse – it’s clear that your voice was heard!

Thanks must also go to our MPs for helping protect women from the possible consequences had it not been rejected.

MPs chose not to:

-Make vulnerable women more vulnerable

-Undermine doctor and patient’s confidentiality and deter doctors from  referring women for abortion

-Create an unhealthy culture of fault and surveillance

Abortion Rights remains concerned about the wide variety of tactics being employed by those who oppose a woman’s right to choose on abortion. Similar tactics in the US – from legislative challenges to aggressive clinic protesting – have critically eroded service provision. We would urge people to get involved with protecting and improving services for women across the UK.

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