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AR newsletter Oct 2013


October Newsletter 8/10/13

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40 Days of CHOICE

40 Days of Choice, the counter actions to 40 Days of Life (or Strife, as we see it), kicked off on Sept 25th.


As a reminder, 40 Days of Life/Strife are an anti-choice group who hold vigils outside abortion clinics for the duration of Lent (September 25–November 3) around the world. We think it’s judgmental, intimidating and unethical to picket women and clinic staff. So what can you do to combat abortion shaming?

  • We believe 40 Days of Life are focusing their vigils on the BPAS clinic in Stratford – keep an eye on Abortion Rights East London’s Facebook and Twitter for more information.
  • You can also embrace 40 Days of TREATS! Show your local clinic staff your appreciation by sending a yummy snack, flowers, thank you card or any other gift you choose – drop it off on your way to work, during your lunch break, or have it delivered. Check out the Brighton wing for inspiration.


As always, let us know what protesters and counter-protesters are up to near you. We’re always happy to publicize your pro-choice actions, so long as they’re outside clinic hours or away from the premises to show respect for women and staff.


September 28 Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion

The global September 28 campaign highlights the need for legal, safe and de-stigmatised abortion globally. All over the world, pro-choicers took action.


At Abortion Rights, we ran a Twitter Quizathon to test and share knowledge on abortion facts worldwide. You can test yourself, learn and retweet by scrolling through our Twitter feed.


We also kicked off “I’m pro-choice because…” to share the voices of the pro-choice majority. Tell us on Twitter, Facebook or via email your reason for supporting a woman’s right to choose.


Lastly, we joined the Save Our NHS march on Sunday September 29th in Manchester with an estimated 50000 other supporters. The NHS is vital in ensuring women have access to abortion. Keep up to date with the NHS campaign via the TUC.

On the left, Abortion Rights Executive Committee member Kerry rallying proud!

Abortion reform passes in Ireland

Ireland has (finally) passed the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, which legalizes abortion to save a woman’s life and if the pregnant woman is at risk of suicide. However, Ireland is still far from genuine choice. Read our summary, which also links to the Bill.


Women have Abortions Everyday: It’s Just One Choice

The Irish Family Planning Association and International Planned Parenthood Federation have released this fantastic video to challenge the misconceptions and stigma surrounding abortion. We think it’s brilliant, and encourage you to share it far and wide.


Last, but definitely not least, we welcome our new staff!

Times are changing in the Abortion Rights office as we say farewell and thank you to Darinka and Natasha. However, we happily welcome Alisa as our new office administrator, and Casey joins us from Reproductive Choice Australia as Campaign Project Officer.


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