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Oppose Parliamentary Early Day Motion 2379

152 MPs have signed a parliamentary ‘Early Day Motion’ sponsored by anti-choice MP Geraldine Smith calling for a review of abortion law.

It is now urgent that MPs hear from the pro-choice majority.

Image The motion comes in response to anti-choice pseudoscientific propaganda and pressure.

The primary sponsor of the motion is Geraldine Smith, member of the All Party Parliamentary ‘Pro-life’ group which is opposed to all abortion. A large proportion of the signatories are opposed to abortion and are supporting the call for a review as a way to pursue their intermediary goal of chipping away at abortion rights – particularly later abortion.
Other MPs have simply been confused by the debate and misunderstood that the push for a parliamentary review is being driven by anti-choice lobbyists not science or respect for women’s needs.

Please follow the link here to see if your MP has signed the Early Day Motion 2379 . If they have, please send them a campaign postcard (available from our office) or write to them expressing your concern. You can email your MP via the They Work for You website.

It is important that MPs do not get the inaccurate impression that there is a consensus in favour of restricting abortion rights and that any attack on women’s hard fought for rights would be popular.