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Packed rally calls for an end to the anti-choice offensive

Image On Wednesday 22nd November, supporters of a woman’s right to choose from across Britain came together to call for an end to the anti-choice offensive that has dominated debate on abortion for two years. The meeting and a national lobby of Parliament was held on the eve of the Private Member’s Ballot which, in the current climate of anti-choice attacks, could provide an opportunity for MPs to bring forward a bill to restrict women’s reproductive rights.

The packed meeting heard from leading medical professionals, commentators including Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee, sexual health service providers, trade unionists, students and MPs from all three parties.

Anne Quesney, Director of Abortion Rights said at the meeting:
‘The endless claims of dramatic advances in foetal development and viability attributed to the ‘4D’ scan images of foetuses have to stop. However beautiful, the pictures do not indicate any such advances and add nothing new to the abortion debate. The claims have been widely rejected by medical experts, yet they are still used in the media to confuse public and parliamentary opinion on the issue of viability.

It is time women’s needs were put back in the centre of the abortion debate. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act it is time to focus on why it is still not a woman’s right to make her own abortion decision. It’s time for an abortion law fit for the 21st Century.’

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