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Parliamentary briefing: HFE Bill abortion debate

This Tuesday, 20 May, Members of Parliament will be debating amendments to the 67 Abortion Act. Abortion Rights has produced a parliamentary briefing on the amendments tabled so far.

We are calling on MPs to vote against amendments to restrict the current law on abortion. The briefing enclosed sets out the scale of opposition to an attack on the current law on abortion. Abortion Rights believes it would be a profoundly negative step for Parliament to vote to restrict women’s rights on abortion in the face of overwhelming public and medical opinion. Lacking any groundswell of support for such a change, it would amount to a straightforward attack on women’s rights, which has been driven by hard line opponents of women’s right to choose on abortion. Anti-abortionists have consistently focussed on the abortion time limit, regardless of women’s interests or medical opinion, in an effort to make incremental attacks on women’s rights.

Women deserve the support of Members of Parliament. We urge MPs to support women and to oppose the anti-abortion amendments in the vote on 20 May.

Having made such great strides towards women’s equality now is not the time to turn back the clock.