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Press Release: Abortion Rights leads pro-choice protest over Glasgow Midwives case


Speaking ahead of the Scottish Labour Women’s Conference in Glasgow on Saturday 15 November, Marlyn Glen, former MSP, speaking for the Abortion Rights Committee Scotland, says

‘Access to safe and legal abortion services, provided through the NHS, is a crucial right for women. The 1967 Abortion Act saved women’s lives and brought an end to the tragedies of backstreet abortion.

The newly formed Abortion Rights Committee Scotland believe this to be a decisive issue for many people. We sought the views of all the Labour Leadership and Deputy Leadership candidates. Whilst we have not yet heard from one of the Deputy Leadership candidates, Kezia Dugdale, we are encouraged by the statements from all the other candidates in support of good quality public service provision, and of women’s rights to make their own decisions. The provisions of the 1967 Abortion Act have been threatened in the past , and it is only right that Labour and trade union members voting in these Labour elections are fully aware of the views of those who will be speaking for the Labour Party in the months ahead’