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Press Release: Anti-choice counselling investigation

A report published today (03.08.11) reveals the true extent to which faith-based ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ are misleading women, in their quest to deter them from having abortions.

The report, based on an undercover investigation by charity Education for Choice, comes as the government is considering handing over responsibility for abortion counselling to ‘independent’ groups, while preventing abortion providers from carrying out this role.

Abortion Rights commented:

“This report confirms what we have been hearing from women for a long time: anti-choice organisations are willing to mislead and misinform women in order to dissuade them from considering abortion.

The allegations are a wake-up call for the government. They demonstrate the risks involved in engaging groups that are ideologically opposed to abortion to provide counselling to women on their pregnancy options.

Women have a right to impartial and non-directive support when considering abortion. Anti-choice organisations cannot be trusted to provide this.

The current system is robust and well-regulated. In the light of this new evidence, we call on the Department of Health to reconsider its misguided plans for further, clinically unnecessary counselling requirements.”

Summary of the Education for Choice investigation.

Guardian article on the report.