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Press Release: AR Chair to Speak at Together Against Trump Demo

Donald Trump is visiting the UK and mass protests are planned to greet him. Abortion Rights is proud to be joining the carnival of resistance.

Abortion Rights is joining up with organisations as part of Together Against Trump coalition. We are standing against all the misogyny, racism and sexism that Trump galvanised in his election campaign and that is creeping over here. We are pleased to announced that our Chair will be speaking Together Against Trump national demo

Abortion Rights Chair Kerry Abel Says:
“Trump has made it clear he hates women. From his pussy grabbing claims and comments that women who have abortions should be punished during his campaign, he has doubled down on his policies – first re-enacting the Global Gag Rule to limit international funding where the organisation offers sometimes life-saving abortion care or just information, and now extending the gag to American domestic family planning funding.
“These Trumpist anti abortion views affect our politics here, with the emboldening of US-style anti-choice tactics harassing women outside clinics and attempting to enact laws that would make abortion care difficult.”
Notes to Editors:

For more details contact Kerry Abel on 07979 535242

  • Together Against Trump 2pm on Friday 13th July, Assembling at the BBC, Portland Place, W1A 1AA
  • Find out more Together Against Trump and the organisations involved here 
  • The “global gag rule” imposed by Trump, blocking US funds to any organisation involved in abortion advice and care overseas, could impact millions of women and girls.
  • Read more about the effects of the Global Gag Rule from Marie Stopes here 
  • Under the Global Gag Rule, almost 1.7m women globally will go without access to services and care by 2020.
  • Unless Marie Stopes International are able to close their unprecedented funding gap, it will result in
    2.1 million unintended pregnancies
    720,000 unsafe abortions
    5,600 avoidable maternal deaths 
  • According to World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics 21.6 million unsafe abortions are performed annually, predominantly in the Global South, and 6.9 million are treated for unsafe abortion-related complications. This number would be decreased if women were given the right to access safe abortion legally, and WHO have confirmed that highly restrictive abortion laws are not associated with lower abortion rates.
  • Donald Trump gives ‘March for Life’ full support: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/march-for-life-2017-trump-supports-234267
  • Mike Pence speaks at ‘March for Life’ rally, January 2017 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/27/march-for-life-washington-abortion-trump-reproductive-rights
  • Abortion Rights is the national pro-choice campaign which seeks to defend and extend women’s rights and access to safe, legal abortion. We work closely with the parliamentary All Party Pro-choice and Sexual Health group and the Voice for Choice coalition of sexual health and education organisations
  • Abortion Rights is the national pro-choice campaign, working to defend and extend abortion rights and provide a pro-choice voice to the media. We are supported by the TUC, National Union of Students amongst other prominent union groups
  • 1 in 3 women in Britain will have an abortion in their life time and a consistent three quarters support the current legal right to abortion – it’s time the pro-choice majority was heard!
  • Since 1967 the Abortion Act has enabled women to access abortions in England, Wales and Scotland.
  • Use these stats for pro-choice majority http://www.natcen.ac.uk/blog/british-attitudes-to-abortion