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Abortion Rights Big Fundraising Newsletter


Abortion Rights needs you!

Abortion Rights runs efforts because of support of our volunteer base and membership. However, overall, we are economically and logistically punching above our weight on our shoestring budget.

Unlike the big anti-choice groups, we don’t have millions in income from religious and overseas donors. It is becoming harder for us to defend and extend choice on our dwindling resources. We need your financial support even more now to help us contend with the far wealthier anti-choice groups.

We are solely funded by our members and supporters through subscriptions and donations. We make your money go a long way, but we could achieve more if we had more and reliable sources of funding.

There are many ways you can chip in to our fighting fund to defend and extend choice – and really, every little bit helps.


Join Abortion Rights

Membership fees are our largest consistent source of income.

Currently most individual members pay £2 a month, if you can up your contribution to £3 this would make a significant difference to our campaign. Or if you are able to, you can give us a one off donation of whatever you can afford through our website.

Click here to download the lottery form

Member of a union?

Why not ask your trade union branch or student union to affiliate.

Please ask your trade union branch to propose that the local Trades Council affiliate to Abortion Rights, and maybe invite an AR speaker to one of their meetings.  This will help to bring our campaign to a wider audience and can strengthen local Abortion rights groups, working together with the local Trades Councils.

For more information on how How Trade Unionists can support the campaign click here

click here to download model motion and model affiliation




There are so many ways you can help us to raise money to keep our campaign going. Fundraising is easy and you can do whatever you enjoy to raise some cash for Abortion Rights. Perhaps you are a keen baker? Do a bake sale! Or a great sportsperson? Do a sponsored walk or bike ride! Maybe you enjoy partying? Do a social event! Anything you can think of, you can do!

This activity also raises awareness, reduces stigma and normalises something that one in three women will go through.


Anything you can do is deeply appreciated and keeps the fight to defend and extend abortion rights going!

Getting Started

Keep it digital
Going digital saves you hassle and time from having to take cash and transfer the money as well as having to collect people’s contact details so that you can regularly update them. It also means you can secure a wider reach of supporters with much less effort. Here are a few sites that can help you with online approaches to fundraising:
Just Giving
Fund Anything

We do have sponsorship forms available anyway if you would prefer to take the paper route!

Pro-Choice Lottery

Like an element of surprise? Play the pro-choice lottery and you’ll be in the running for a jackpot of up to £200 each month. Tickets will cost you just £2 per month — and the more you buy, the higher your chance of success! Contact the office to set up a standing order



Our volunteers are extremely valuable to Abortion Rights’ work. We’re currently focussing on increasing opportunities for volunteers to get involved.

This is an exciting opportunity to directly support women’s rights. Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and experience in a voluntary sector setting.


How you can get involved:

• In the office – helping out with the mailing, posting on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, updating website content

• Leaflet and set up stalls at Trade Union Conferences

•  Blogging

• Flyer and hold stalls at local events – Fresher’s Fairs, Film showings, Comedy Fundraisers, Club Nights, Student Conferences, Festivals, Demonstrations

• Doctors & Lawyer for choice – Are you a Doctor, health professional or Lawyer? Get in to touch with the office to find our how you can get involved

• Local groups – Join on of our local groups or start your own.                                                     We currently have groups in East London, West London, Cardiff, Dundee, Glasgow &  Edinburgh. contact the office for more information




Various events and activities are planned, including a Comedy Fundraiser and campaign evening in Glasgow on Wednesday 23rd September. Details to follow but hold the date!


Talk to us, find us, join us!

Contact us at choice@abortionrights.org.uk or on 020 7923 9792.

Follow us at @Abortion_Rights and on Facebook.