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PRESS RELEASE: Pro-choice photo call defends abortion against bigots


Abortion Rights urges the pro-choice majority to Stand Up For Choice

Suffragette styled pro-choice photocall at Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliament Square on Saturday 5 May to stand up to American-style March for Life festival gathering nearby.

Join pro-choice MPs, doctors, activists, Irish ‘Repeal’ campaigner and trade unionists at 1:30 pm for a photocall highlighting the real situation for women.

1 in 3 women have abortions, including 11 women a day traveling from Ireland and it’s being stigmatised by a small minority of right-wing zealots who want to ban all abortion.

We represent the pro-choice majority – 93% of the population support the right to choose (http://www.natcen.ac.uk/blog/british-attitudes-to-abortion)

Kerry Abel, Abortion Rights Chair said:

‘This is not a tricky moral dilemma, this is about having abortion as a choice. A medical provision that saves lives. Any measure that stigmatises abortion, blocks access or restricts provision is important to stand up to. That’s what we’re doing for the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion and all the surveys show people agree.’

Stella Creasy MP said:

‘Denying women access to abortion means forcing them to continue an unwanted pregnancy – little wonder the UN has called the treatment of women in Northern Ireland by the UK as cruel because we force them to travel to the UK for this right. With hundreds already coming since the scheme opened last year to help them do this, there’s many more who can’t travel because of family or cost. With the anti-choice movement raising millions in Russia and America to plough into influencing access to abortion in Europe, no one can take for granted that these services will be protected- that’s why now more than ever before all of us who trust women to make choices about their own bodies must stand firm and must stand up for the rights of women at home and around the world.’  

Notes to Editors:

For more details contact Kerry Abel on 07979 535242