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Pro-choice splash at freshers fairs!

Image Pro-choice campaigns on campus

Abortion Rights is working closely with the NUS Women’s Campaign this year to have a real pro-choice impact on campuses.

We are concerned that, although two thirds of people support a woman’s right to make her own abortion decisions, the enduring taboo surrounding the issue has meant that many students will not have heard the pro-choice arguments. In addition to this, the sensationalist and misleading anti-choice media coverage over the past two years will have confused many students.

We are very keen to work with pro-choice students and student union officers to inform students, to engage them in active opposition to the current attacks and to win their support for an abortion law fit for the 21st century.

Freshers’ fair
If you are a student starting your first year or returning to university this autumn, check out your student union freshers fair for pro-choice campaigns. We are working with student unions across Britain to raise awareness and build support.

If you want to launch a pro-choice campaign at your university, freshers’ fairs are an excellent opportunity to make a splash on the issue. We can provide pro-choice literature and campaigning materials for your women’s, welfare or student union stall. Please complete the materials request form or give us a ring to ask for student leaflets, balloons, ‘It’s OK to talk about abortion’ leaflets and much more.

If you have the facilities, you could have a computer on your stall with our website open and encourage students to send an e-lobbying postcard to their MP, sign up to free action alerts, or join Abortion Rights.