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Safe & Unsafe Abortion

Unsafe Abortion

Unsafe abortion is performed by untrained people using  dangerous methods, which often fail, in unsterile conditions.

Methods used include:

• herbs or drugs, including alcohol.

• physical damage e.g. massage, falls.

• pushing substances into the uterus  e.g. soap, bleach.

• pushing objects into the uterus  e.g. a stick, rubber tubing, wire, coat hangers.

Women who have abortions in this way can suffer:

• incomplete abortion leading to septicaemia

• infection 

• severe bleeding

• infertility

• psychological damage

• death (the WHO estimates that 200 women  a day die from unsafe abortions)

Safe Abortion

Safe abortion is performed by trained  professionals using safe, effective methods in sterile conditions.

Methods used include:

• drugs 

• simple operations

• induced labour