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Salvation Army awarded contract to support trafficked women

Letter to the National Secular Society 15.04.11

“I just wanted to add one small point to the story about Eaves Housing losing it’s contract to support victims of trafficking for sexual purposes. 

It is not hard to imagine that one of the side effects of being trafficked away from your family and home and forced into a life of repeated rape might be unwanted pregnancy. I wanted to point out that the Salvation Army is an overtly anti-choice organisation which defines abortion as a “moral wrong”. They make exception only in cases of incest, threat to the mother’s life and proven rape.

Of course proving rape is a process that at best is likely to take more than 9 months and in the case of women, many of whom speak little or no English, held against their will and prostituted over a period of months or years it would inevitably be impossible to identify the rapists, who might number in their hundreds or thousands, and prove cases against them.

Furthermore even in such cases the Salvation Army suggests termination of pregnancy should only be undertaken after “much prayer”, posing the usual issues for those of other religions or none.”

Kate Smurthwaite, vice-chair Abortion Rights UK