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Spanish Justice Minister Ruiz-Gallardón has stated that the bill that would effectively recriminalise abortion in Spain will be before parliament this summer. You can email your Member of European Parliament here to show your opposition (remember to include your address/postcode!). We’ve drafted text you may wish to us:


Dear [enter your MEP],


As your constituent, I am writing to express my serious concern at the proposed “Gallardón’s law” in Spain. This proposal is a serious threat to women’s right to healthcare. We know that criminalising abortion kills women – before the 1967 Act in Britain, unsafe abortion was the second biggest cause of maternal death.


Amnesty International has strongly criticised the proposal: ‘If enacted, the Spanish draft bill will result in an increase in the number of women and girls who resort to illegal, unsafe and clandestine procedures, risking their health and lives.’


In January 2014 the previous Chair of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee of the European Parliament (the FEMME Committee), Mikael Gustafsson, convened a Press Conference at which MEPs made very clear that the Spanish Government’s intentions were not supported.


One of the consequences of restrictions on abortion is to force women to travel elsewhere in Europe; prior to progressive abortion legislation being introduced in 2010 in Spain, this included Spanish women travelling to Britain. Women should have access to safe and legal services within their own communities.


I urge you to promote polices across the European Union which invest in and respect women’s right to make their own sexual and reproductive health choices.


With thanks,