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Say no to Big Bad Bruce’s Sex-Selection Amendment


Fiona Bruce MP has proposed an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill which aims to make abortion on the grounds of gender a specific criminal offence.

Bruce’s attempt to wedge sex-selective abortion into the Serious Crime Bill is the worst attack on abortion since 2008.

The sex-selective abortion amendment is a Trojan horse. It might appear to be pro-women but its purpose is to reduce reproductive rights. This amendment is nothing more than an anti-abortion campaign tactic. Designed to impinge upon a much-fought-for choice.

Abortion Rights believes that all women have the right to make their own reproductive choices based on their circumstances and choice means there’s no good or bad reasons.


Write!  Ask your MP to oppose the ban, use our website tool, enter your postcode and use our template letter or adapt it with your own words to let your MP know how you feel.

Demonstrate! Join Abortion Rights on @4;00pm  Monday the 9th February outside Parliament to defend a woman’s right to choose. Keep a eye on our Facebook event for further details

Donate! Bruce’s sex-selection proposal’s just one of many attacks on abortion rights. Pro-choice?Join or donate just #1 toquidprochoice to Abortion Rights today!



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