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Scottish abortion devolution in the media

With the recent news that abortion law will be devolved to Scotland, Abortion Rights Committee Scotland has been in the news commenting on what this will mean for women in Scotland. Check out the main articles here:

Campaigners Fear ‘Loud And Unrepresentative’ Voices Dominating Debate Over Devolving Abortion Law To Scotland – 9 Nov 2015 – Huffington Post

Devolving abortion a chance to reframe Scottish law, campaigners say – 9 Nov 2015 – The Guardian

There has also been ongoing discussion in Scotland following research that showed lack of access to abortion in Scotland after 18-20 weeks, despite the current limit being 24 weeks. This piece in Scotland on Sunday from 31 October 2015 outlines the calls pro-choice unions in Scotland are making for this situation to be addressed.