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‘Stand up and be counted – 8th March International Women’s Day

Abortion Rights is calling a ‘Stand up and be counted – for a woman’s right to choose’ event to spell out the pro-choice majority on International Women’s Day.

83 per cent in Britain support a woman’s right to make her own abortion decision yet abortion rights are threatened in Parliament this spring. This event will be the first national opportunity for the pro-choice majority to make its voice heard. Assemble at 12.30 on the green outside the QEII centre in Westminster in association with the huge ‘Capital Woman’ conference hosted by the Mayor of London. We will also have a seminar at 3pm at the event. To attend the seminar, please register for the Capital Woman conference for free at www.london.gov.uk/capitalwoman or call 020 7983 4579. Supporters are encouraged to mark the day by joining us in London or organising your own street stall, film screening or fundraising initiative.