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Standing up to anti-choice harassment

ImageIf you have written to Jubilee Community Church asking them to withdraw their backing for hardline anti-choice group Abort 67, you’ve probably received a stock reply from Colin Nichols reiterating the church’s support for the group, telling us that ‘life is amazing’ (thanks Colin!) and explaining that Abort67 are just a bunch of normal, caring individuals looking out for vulnerable children.


Unsurprisingly, some of our supporters were unhappy with this response and decided to get back to him – here are a few of the highlights. Enjoy!


L wrote:


“Abort67 is not “a group of normal, caring people” – it is a radical, fundamentalist organization whose mission statement is to take away the lawful choice of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body…


I grew up in an era when abortion was illegal but this didn’t stop women from seeking dangerous and often lethal so called ‘back street’ abortions. These women were not bad or evil, they were simply desperate. Thankfully, women no longer have to risk their lives in that way.”


D wrote:


“You write only of the “baby’s” rights. What of the woman who has decided, for reasons of her own and of no concern to you, to end her pregnancy in its early stages? I spent some years working with a national charity involved with families who had had children taken into care for one reason or another. 


There were as many reasons as there were families involved and these reasons included mental health problems, drugs, homelessness, family break-ups, violence both physical and sexual, poverty, physical health etc., etc., etc. The mother has a right to take this decision to end her – HER – pregnancy knowing as she does the possible bad outcomes of allowing it to continue. Sometimes she puts the well-being of existing children first. Sometimes her own aging parents. There are so many reasons, but the decision is never, never taken lightly.”


Finally, here’s Sarah’s response in full:


“Dear Colin,


Thanks for your email. I sit here emailing you with my baby son playing on his mat and my 5 year old playing in the next room.


8 years ago I had an abortion and it was the right thing to do. There is such a big difference between being pregnant when you don’t want to be and being pregnant when you do want to be. As a man you will never know this, so I feel I need to tell you that.


You ask why women changed their minds after being shown photos of abortions. It is because they have been guilt-tripped into believing abortion is a bad idea. Let’s be frank, abortion isn’t pretty, but unplanned pregnancies happen because sex is enjoyable. The alternatives to abortion for women who don’t want to go through with a pregnancy – and pregnancy is HARD, believe me! – are backstreet, dangerous abortions or having a baby they may not look after.


Access to safe abortion is a right every woman should have. I do not regret my abortion though it was not a pleasant experience, and had there been protesters outside the clinic my day would have been so much tougher.


Sarah Cope


I hope you’ll agree, they are all great responses. If you haven’t emailed Jubilee Church yet, find out more here and stand up for the right to access abortion services without intimidation and harassment.


All excerpts posted with permission.{mosimage}